Celebrating women: Top three entries from the month of March

“On this Women’s Day, instead of reminding me that I am a mother, a wife, a sister and a daughter-in-law. You just remember only one thing that I am a human being, who deserves respect, love and freedom like you. This is called equality.”

-Shagun Sharma

She has been battered,

Her dreams derided,

Yet, she is standing,

Unfazed, and unyielding.

-Anshuk Attri

Working day and night is not a big deal for her

Yes, she is strong but there are many moments where she needs help

She is the only one who can handle everything without any problem.

Because she is a woman, she is the representative of this society.

If She represents society then why doesn’t this society see every woman with equality

She is stronger than anyone else

She can handle the situation but she can also drop her hands when those situations are made worse by the patriarchal society

Right working day and night is not a big deal for her when she gets the support of someone

Stop making assumptions, try to resolve the problems they face to make them stronger.

-Anamika Sharma

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