The cause of Pandemic lies in the stream of indecisions

The second wave of Covid 19, as well as the first, could have been prevented if the early signs were not ignored. The state of bad decisions and lack of preparedness has killed at least 3.3 million people worldwide and has altered the global economy at the same time. The report is concluded by an independent global penal on Covid 19. The early reports on the outbreak of the virus in Wuhan, China were taken with a lack of urgency.

Following the same view, the Bombay High Court contended that if the government had provided door-to-door vaccination service to its senior citizens before the second outbreak of the virus, then the precious lives of thousands of people could have been saved.

It is high time to not only look after the people suffering from the virus, but to also consider those who are in their old age, specially abled, or are suffering from some disease – bed ridden or on wheel chair.

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