Tonic For Good Life

Do not surround yourself with successful people.

They will fill you with insatiable contempt.

They will tell you that the water is warm

And that the mind is infinite

They don’t speak of depths.

Beware of the people surrounded in chatter.

They seldom listen.

Doubt the happy faces, 

loath the productive spirits,

They cloth their escapism with pride and resilience.

Doubt beauty without hint of ugliness

And truth without falsification.

Doubt the absolute.

Doubt the good men.

Doubt life without the dread of dying.

Seek truth in the eyes of an alcoholic

And love in low lit rooms of brothels.

Sane men often hide their insanity

In well-meaning idioms.

Learn riches from a beggar,

And health from a dying man.

No tree touches the sky

Without its roots sunken in hell.

About Author /

Nalin is a poet hailing from the town of Dharmashala, Himachal Pradesh. He is a student of literature and a practitioner of words. His interests lie in philosophy, science and psychology and he aims at synthesizing them through his poems. He believes that there cannot be any light without darkness and therefore spends his creative energy in highlighting and expressing what is often considered dark or morbid, with the singular aim of garnering better understanding and acceptance of such mental frameworks. When he is not writing, he reads ,listens to music and enjoys cinema.

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  • Anamika Sharma
    2 years ago Reply

    How true 👌👌👌

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