Breathing Blood

Bleeding roses,

Crying symphonies,

Violins playing the same old song.

Humming chantings to

Pathway to perdition,

Endless pathos stretched along. 

Breathing blood of thousands to go.

Crawling the claret aisle,

Stroking smoke in my face,

Pushed through hazy mile. 

Blazing saviour,

Recruit to damnation,

His Holy Hell

Smirks at worse.

Prayers fade into hollow wells

and fate spotlights the curse.

Violin tempests

Crash into dirt,

Ashes cleanse the heat

Yet the power of

Desecration and wrath compel me.

Burning feathers of

Lost angels,

Dead voices spin around,

Broken chariots half alive,

Chased by frantic hounds.

Darker and darker!

Higher and higher!

Sand in the hourglass

Set on fire

but the fading vision

Ripped off the nightmare!

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Bio: Tanya Panta has completed her bachelor’s in English Honours (Merit holder) from St. Bede’s Shimla and Master’s in English from HPU. She has already published two books- Himachal Unexplored and The Journal (Quotes, Poems and Lyrics)- available on Besides writing, Tanya has a keen interest in cooking and is also running a YouTube channel. You can write to her at YouTube channel- thefitfatkitchen

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