Donate Blood before Vaccination

Covid Vaccination and the Upcoming shortage of Blood Donors

With the second wave of Covid- 19 India has emerged as the worst hit nation where lakhs of people are getting infected, and suffering the shortage of oxygen and beds in the hospitals.

The nation is getting ready for the vaccination drive where those aged above 18 will be inoculated for Covid- 19 from May 1 onwards.

The first day of online registrations for the vaccination has witnessed 80 lakhs plus registrations. On one hand the vaccination will send a large number of people in the safe zone, on the other hand it will hit the blood banks across the country.

As per the restrictions, one cannot donate blood for 28 days after vaccination, as a result the blood banks have to suffer at least for next three months.

Most of the blood donors age between 18 and 40, and if they are restricted from donating blood then a lot many lives will be on stake.

The only solution is to donate blood before getting vaccinated.

Be aware. Donate blood. Save lives

Donate Blood

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