Despite ban, Chinese kite flying strings are still openly sold in the markets

Chinese kite flying string is a string/ thread, better known as “manjha,” usually made up of nylon or any synthetic material which is treated with metal or glass to make it stronger and unbreakable.

Sounds interesting?

Well, that’s the point. The string is loved by kite flyers all over the country due to its strength and easy availability. It will be interesting to know at this stage that the string is legally banned in India. Defaulters are liable to a fine of up to 1 lakh and 5 years of imprisonment.

Delhi, Haryana, UP and Punjab are the big suppliers as well as consumers of these strings.

The sting is still sold openly in the markets despite such harsh rules. Normal string is available at one third prices as of the Chinese strings, but still the Chinese strings are in high demand.

The string has proved harmful in multiple ways. These strings are heavy conductors of electricity and many people have suffered due to this.

These strings are heavily coated with small particles of glass, and are sharp enough to cut through the skin. Recently, a 3 years old kid was suffocated to death when a string accidently encircled his neck. A man in Delhi died when this string slit his throat while he was on his two-wheeler. There are hundreds of such instances.

Not only humans, but the nature itself has to suffer due to such activities. Thousands of birds lose their lives due to the Chinese kite flying strings. They often get entangled in these strings, which are non- breakable, and eventually lose their lives.

One out of those thousands of birds dying each day with the Chinese “Manjha”
The life threatening game of strings

It is time to say good bye to these strings. It is only the buyers who can lessen the demand of such products in the market. Save yourself before it’s too late.

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