Fight Obesity with a Healthy Lifestyle

Immunity is a word which was not that popular before the advent and spread of corona. The pandemic, followed by the long nationwide lockdown were the situations which made the whole world realize the importance of building strong immunity which eventually helps in fighting diseases. Lockdown has not only made unfit people more obese, but has pushed even the fit ones into the unhealthy routine.

There are people who are into sitting jobs and intentionally or unintentionally following unhealthy routines. With time, physical activities have found a back seat replaced by comfortable life style and unhealthy food.

Obesity is not a disease, but is the root of many diseases. Most of the overweighing people suffer from high cholesterol, high blood pressure and in several cases, obesity combines with chronic conditions like PCOD, Diabetes, Thyroid etc. to make things worse.

While one cannot change the overall environment in which we live, and jobs which eventually sustain us, the only way which can help us to live a better life and increase our life span is to choose a clean diet and decrease the calory intake.

People with more weight are highly prone to cramps compared to those with less weight. Tiredness, problem in walking, and breathlessness are the outcomes of obesity.

One can go on and on talking about the causes and side effects of obesity which in one way or the other we are already aware of. So, let’s talk about the ways to control weight and push obesity away.

Monitor your body weight:

The first step towards weight loss is to measure your body weight and then set a routine diet with physical activity. It is important to stick to a diet added with physical workout. Both have to be carried simultaneously. Opting one of two will not help you in losing weight.

Make a diet chart, and follow it:

The next step towards weight loss is to make a proper diet chart and follow it. The most important foods which you need to add in you daily diet are fruits, vegies, salads and fiber.

To lose weight in an effective way, one needs to opt for a calorie deficit diet. Currently if you are consuming say 2600 calories then make it 2000. The intake of 600 less calories a day will help you in losing weight. At the same time, it is important to consider Macros Balance too.

Fasting is not what is needed, but one needs to substitute junk and sugars with fiber and proteins. Eat more and more seasonal fruits and vegies. Avocado, apple, strawberries, watermelons, sweet potatoes, almonds and oats are good while you are on your weight loss journey. Fiber not only helps you in getting into shape, but also saves you from age related problems.

For over eaters it is best to divide your diet into 6 meals. With this you can skip overeating and at the same time your belly does not have to suffer from hunger. Dividing your meal into 6 parts will also help you with better digestion.  

Take at least 20 to 30 grams of protein daily. Add whole eggs, lentils, yogurt to your diet. To boost your energy levels you can add peanuts, chocolate, black coffee, milk and bananas to your diet.

With these foods it is very important to increase you daily intake of water. Water is not only an essential component for survival but is known to have miraculous effects on our bodies. It is important to consume 2-3 liters of water daily to lose weight in an effective way. Water not only helps you in burning extra fat from your body, but is important to save you from dehydration when you increase your physical activity.

Physical Workout:

On one hand one needs to stick to a healthy diet, on the other a good diet should always be accompanied with physical workout. Physical workout does not always mean gyms and heavy load exercises, but the ones you can do at home with basic equipment and some even without it. These include:

Jumping Jack which can be performed anywhere. It does not require any equipment. Its helps in making your heart healthy, helps in burning fat and weight loss, and last but not the least it helps in toning the muscles.

Next is Burpee exercise which is a challenging exercise. It helps in burning fat, it targets whole body and is good for back as well as chest. Most of all it helps in building endurance.

Jumping Rope is one of the oldest and efficient exercises which has remained an important sport especially in Indian context. It is one of those exercises which can be performed with the help of a rope. Jumping rope can help you in toning your muscles, it is an efficient way to burn calories, you can loss weight by jumping rope for 20 minutes daily. It is one of the best cardio exercises which helps in improving your heart rate.

Squats is one of the most popular exercises these days. It does not require any equipment and helps in weight loss, and in building good testosterone levels.

Running is one of the most efficient ways to lose your weight. If you can not run at least walk for 1 hr. daily or take minimum 7000 steps. There are a lot many tools available in the market which can help you in counting your steps and total distance covered like mobile apps and fitness bands. Set your daily targets in these apps and bands which can motivate you in one way or the other.

Reduce you stress levels

Stress has become a part of our lives. Sitting jobs, unhealthy food, less physical workout are habits which are enough to ruin your body and mind. With physical heath it is always important to take care of your mental health too. To reduce your stress levels, take a healthy sleep varying between 7- 8 hours. Stay away from your phones and laptops during this time. Stay positive, don’t fill your mind with negative thoughts. Eat healthy and avoid junk food. Spare time for workout and creative activities. Do what you love at least for few minutes daily. Talk to people around you, travel, go out on weak ends, don’t make it a habit to consume alcohol or smoke when you feel low. At some point these things seem over romanticized but in reality, they do help.

10 Things to Avoid while losing weight:

  1. Do not skip your meals
  2. Avoid artificial sugars in your diet
  3. Don’t try to shed your extra weight too fast
  4. Don’t perform cardio exercises on empty stomach
  5. Do not neglect proper training if you opt for heavy load exercises
  6. Do not abuse yourself with fat burners
  7. Do not choose dieting or restrict eating
  8. Do not lessen your sleeping hours
  9. Do not stress yourself too much
  10. Do not skip essential nutrients while cutting down your diet

Benefits of shedding extra weight from your body:

Boosts long term memory

Makes your body active and more fit to carry daily tasks in an effective way.

Makes your immune and digestive system stronger

Save guards against many diseases and chronic conditions

Gives a better life to those who are already suffering from diabetes, thyroid, PCOD, heart related problems, boosts fertility in the women with PCOD etc. Makes you look younger

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