How to stay creative in a fractured society:

Everyone has different abilities and perspectives on life. Some people have strong beliefs and reasons for living, while others may not see a purpose in proving their existence. Some may devote long hours to religious practices, while others may not find value in them. Some may worship gods or nature, while others may focus on the well-being of mankind as a whole. The important thing is not to judge who is right or wrong. Both perspectives are valid as long as they respect each other’s beliefs and choices. The key to harmony is to refrain from telling others how to live their lives.

What sets a creative person apart from an uncreative one? The answer lies in their vision and the unique perspective from which they view the world. Developing a distinct identity is crucial for an artist, as their entire life is dedicated to this pursuit.

Most of the time, creative individuals find it difficult to cope with society’s daily routine, and their biggest fear is losing interest in their art form. Here are some key points that could help creative people stay on track:

Time Management:

The most important asset we possess is time. For an artist, mastering their art form means mastering time. Avoid wasting time on long gossip sessions. Get your news in a few lines instead of spending hours on news channels. Check scores instead of watching entire matches. Stay focused, avoid large gatherings, and always manage your time effectively.


Fitness, both physical and mental, is crucial for overall well-being. Manage both through meditation, exercise, and activities that bring you joy.

The importance of not being too social:

Man is a social animal, and everyone on this earth is interdependent. However, it’s essential to avoid spending too much time with people who don’t appreciate your creativity and indulge in gossip. It’s important to be social, but it’s also okay to be antisocial at times.

Remember to be your own motivator:

There will be times when you lose interest in what you are doing, due to reasons such as bad time management, health issues, financial difficulties, or unsupportive surroundings. At such times, motivational videos or books may not be helpful. Many people I have met who read this genre were depressed and seeking motivation in a 200-page book or a 20-minute video. However, the important thing to remember is that you are the one who will motivate yourself throughout your life. Remind yourself of your goals daily, the importance of your work, and the reason why you started in the first place.

Speak less, act more:

Never share your creative ideas with anyone. It doesn’t take much to steal ideas, and moreover, your process will be influenced by all the different minds at the table. So, speak as little as you can and act more.

Never work for free:

Every day, you will be criticized for selling your creativity. People will throw stones at you, but what is truly free in this world? Others will seek your help on a daily basis without paying. Most of the time, you should keep in mind that money is not only important for survival but also for validation.

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Deepika Rai is a PhD research scholar at Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, India. She has written a handful of short stories and research articles. Her first story "Not Until She Gets It Back" was published in The Tribune, “Nomad” in Fiction Quest and her recent story "Standing on the 26th stair was published in prestigious The Statesman. Deepika has been working as a freelance content writer for a long time. An art lover, she has also worked as a teacher, and pencil sketching is one of her hobbies. Besides her teaching and research career, she has two art exhibitions to her credit.

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