SELFISH . . . Oh! How we loathe selfish people. And here is a story of a SELFISH girl named Jane. Jane’s mother worked hard by washing, cleaning and cooking in the homes of people to earn a living. Jane was an adolescent who loved frolicking around with her friends and many a times she was scolded for her mischievous behavior. But today the word that was constantly bouncing to and fro in her mind was the word “STEAL…STEAL…STEAL.” It was night and she quietly slid out from her bed and went to her mother’s room. She stole money from her mother’s cupboard. Her mother had saved to pay Jane’s school fee. Jane knew she would be reprimanded for stealing. She paid for her ill mother’s bottles of medicine. Yes, Jane was selfish for her mother’s life. Do you hate SELFISH Jane ???

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Megha Katoria is presently working as an Assistant Professor of English at St. Bede’s College. Reading, writing, painting, sketching and all activities that involve creativity make her going. An avid reader and writer, she has made a contribution of her writings in the form of research papers, poems, stories, articles, and book reviews in various journals, magazines, and newspapers like The Bede Athenaeum, International Journal of Australian Studies, The Criterion, Galaxy, Dialogue, Ruminations, Research Chronicler, Gen-Next Times, and more. Her research-led article “Ismat Chughtai: An Interrogating Dangerous Voice” also appeared in Dangerous Women Project of Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH), The University of Edinburgh.


  • Anamika Sharma
    3 years ago Reply

    Nice one

  • Hardyviv
    3 years ago Reply

    Good story! Jane has done the right thing…

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