Chocolate Bloom

What is Chocolate Bloom? Is it harmful or not?

Sometimes when we open up a chocolate bar, we see dusting of whitish powder on the surface of chocolate. It has some hard white depositions. We don’t bother about it. Chocolate lovers are always interested in eating the chocolate in one go without noticing its appearance. I’m not talking about all but most of us do this.

Chocolate Blooming is the appearance of dust or streak on the surface of a chocolate. There are two types of blooms- fat bloom and sugar bloom. Fat bloom is caused by changes in the fat crystals of a chocolate during the process in which the separation of cocoa butter from other components takes place in hot temperature. So, it comes to the surface and resolidify it. This creates the bloom and this blooming type is most commonly found in chocolate compared to other foods.

Whereas sugar bloom is the formation of hard white surface film on chocolate due to moisture retention during coating of chocolate or in simple terms it is due to the action of moisture on sugar which causes moisture condensation on the surface of a chocolate.

Now the main question arises Is Bloomed Chocolate Harmful?

Chocolate that is bloomed is still safe to eat (as it is nonperishable food following its sugar content as sugar acts as a preservative) but it may have an unappetizing appearance and surface texture.   

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