How Packed Food Is Pasteurized

Pasteurization is a heat treatment process in which temperature is less than 100 degrees Celsius. The main aim of this process is to destroy pathogenic microorganisms of some foods and beverages. Destruction of these food borne pathogens is important because they can cause food borne illness.  Some of the food products (especially liquids including beers and fruit juices) are pasteurized after filling them into containers.

Now the question arises how packed Food is pasteurized. After filling the containers with desirable food products hot water is used if the food is packed in glass containers in order to prevent it from thermal shock due to rapid change in the temperature. While giving this thermal treatment with hot water, maximum temperature difference between container and water must be 20 degrees Celsius for heating and 10 degrees Celsius for cooling. This whole procedure of pasteurization is followed if product is pasteurized in glass containers

For metal and plastic containers steam air mixtures or hot water is used due to little risk of thermal shock.

After the pasteurization is done whether in glass, plastic or metal containers food is cooled to approximately 40 degrees Celsius in order to evaporate surface water and minimize the risk of external corrosion to the container or cap and to accelerate settling of label adhesives. This is how pasteurization of packed food is done in order to prevent it from pathogens and microbes.

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