From sour to sweet: instant change in taste

Ever Wondered Why Gooseberry (amla) Tastes Sweet when you Drink Water after it??

Gooseberry(amla) is rich in vitamin C. Though the taste of amla is not sweet but when it is followed by a glass of water the taste changes instantly because the enzyme present in human saliva is salivary amylase which converts the starch of amla into maltose(sugar) giving it a sweet taste after the mastication of amla in mouth.

One more reason for this is that the protons (positively charged particles) get stuck in our tongue while consuming the Gooseberry (amla)and gets washed away with water, but our taste buds settle to their initial form after some time and therefore it gives brief sensation of sweet taste. So, these are the two main reasons why amla tastes sweet after drinking water

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