Pledge your Organ Donation on this World Organ Donation Day

“Bodies are prone to death and perish, but souls are immortal”

The above lines hold partial truth. On this World Organ Donation Day, it will also be right to say that even the body can overcome death like soul.

The shortage of organ donation is one of those least known causes which push hundreds of needy people towards permanent disabilities and even death.

Organ donation is the transplantation of a person’s organs to another body with an active consent, prior pledge, or with the consent of a person’s kin in cases like brain damage due to accidents and other traumatic experiences.

Lakhs of people are still in a waiting list who require organs to survive. Kidney remains the most awaited organ by almost two and a half lakhs people in India followed by liver, heart, and cornea.

Though hundreds of non-profitable organisations are working towards the cause, but lack of awareness has deprived lakhs of people their right to live.

Need of the hour:

A single organ donor can save up to eight lives. In a country where blood banks face shortage of blood on daily basis, it is really hard to ask people to pledge their organs. At this stage awareness remains the only way.

Pledge to donate your organs and save lives

How to pledge your organs donation

*Login into NOTTO- National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization

*Click on “Donor Pledge”

*Register and form login

*Fill up the form. Choose the organs from the list that you want to pledge.

Be aware. Spread awareness

“Bodies are prone to death and can still survive, like soul they are immortal”

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